May 13th, MBA China Study Tour 2013

After a great weekend at Shanghai, we woke up early in the morning to have our breakfast and leave to the city of Hangzhou for our last company visit. We took the high speed train at 8 am. It was a great surprise for us to see how the train station in Shanghai is highly developed, it felt like an airport!!!!

The train took one hour to get to Hangzhou after making several stops; during that time we had the chance to do the course evaluation. We learned that most of the businesses in Hangzhou are owned by Chinese, in contrast with Shanghai and Beijing where most of the foreign investment is located.

The company we visited is SUPCON, China Study Tour 2013 162which is specialized in automation systems and serves different sectors. SUPCON is a leading company in the Chinese market and its main competitors are companies like Siemens and Honeywell that we visited earlier in the trip. We were received by three international interns from Belgium and their Chinese mentor. They walked us through the company showroom and introduced to us the products and services they provide, and also shared their own experiences in China.

After two hours in SUPCON we had a traditional local fish for lunch in which we said good bye to professor Edy. Afterwards we went for a nice walk and site seeing at the West LakeChina Study Tour 2013 163, which is considered one of the main attractions in China. It was an amazing place to visit and take pictures because of the beautiful green gardens, mixed with traditional Chinese houses and the modern city in the background.China Study Tour 2013 167 John, our tour guide, told us that it was the first hot day in Hangzhou and we were lucky because it was raining the day before. Though, for some of us it was really `Caliente` (Spanish: hot) because we were still in our suits (some of us incorporated `Caliente` in our vocabulary the day before).

At the train station before returning to China Study Tour 2013 170Shanghai, we all bid farewell to Fangwei who went home to visit his family. As an appreciation for his help during the trip, the group presented him with Canadian ice wine.

Upon arrival to Shanghai we had our last suit fitting, and then each of us had their own way to say goodbye to China as we are all going back home tomorrow.

This blog was submitted to me for posting by Inna Li, Maria Cordoba and Wisam Haddadin

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