May 8th, MBA China Study Tour 2013

“After a night spent packing, worrying about overweight luggage and cursing ourselves for letting go of ourselves in the silk market, we bid adieu to Beijing and Lisa with the words “Everybody follow the Lisa” still imprinted in our minds. We are leaving Beijing with a smile on our lips for the good times we had had and the better times that await us, little do we realize that there is another suit shopping fiasco lurking in the near future.

The ice is finally breaking and the boundaries are finally thinning between one another and as I wait for our flight, the overweight luggage finally checked in without a hiccup (Yay….), I realize that how much this study trip has helped us discover ourselves and others around us.

The flight turns out to be pretty uneventful with everybody trying to catch up on sleep and we reached Xi’an in relative silence. We are greeted with cool breeze and a warm welcome from Melanie at Xi’an, and we set out for the Terracotta warrior’s siteChina Study Tour 2013 068 immediately upon arrival. The visit turns out to be one of the most incredible experiences I have had which has become quite a norm on this study trip. The concept of designing one’s own tomb with an entire terracotta army to protect it in the afterlife bedazzled me and people think I’m the biggest narcissist!!!

The warrior’s site visit however was still not the best moment of the day with everybody’s eyes popping out at the sight of the hotel we were supposed to stay in. But Edy had saved the best for last with dinner at the Brazil Steakhouse, a perfect ending to a travel ridden day comprising mostly of fast food. Everybody thanked Edy and Jayne with a round of applause for the amazing trip so far and one of the best meals we had had.China Study Tour 2013 091

The final thoughts in my head before sleeping were “China, you will be missed”

I came up with the following phrase and only realized how true it was during this trip: “Which ever place you visit, you take a part of it along with you and leave a part of yourself over there”. This trip will definitely stay with us for our lives.

Zài jiàn!!!”

This blog post was submitted to me by Shivang Khanna, Heena Sengar and Sanu Sasindranath

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