Day 2 in Strasbourg

Strasbourg: rode a bike for the first in 3647563635 years, climbed a tree, sort of,  climbed 330 steps.  Ate a frog (tastes like chicken) and escargot for the first time.

That’s just a short summary of day two in Strasbourg on a bike.

The day started early at 8:30 so we could rent bikes and tour the city.  15 minutes to the rental kiosk at Place de la Garde, and half an hour battle with the automated machine left four discouraged would be bikers.  Thankfully, the woman of the group (me) followed the signs and found a rental store not five minutes away.  Bikes were acquired,  landmarks on the map noted and we were off!


First stop was the European parliament, feet were wet to take pictures on the fresh, dewy grass.

Next off to Park de l’Orangie where we admired history immortalized in the form of commemorative statues, climbed a tree (ok, I was boosted up into it, others were much more adept on their own) conquered a waterfall and more.  



We took a break with the best gelato around (I naturally out ate the boys) and stalked swans and storks alike.  The store owner was a sweet lady who came out often to feed what I call the stork. Its probably a heron of some sorts.



Hungry, we headed off along the river towards the Notre Dame cathedral along the river, snapping a picture of the batorama we would later be taking with the European Parliament building as the backdrop, something we would later see both on the batorama tour as well as in person the next day.


Lunch was an assortment of deserts (sponge toffee cake, strawberry shortcake, etc) as well as crepes.    French crepes.  They were awesome.

At the cathedral,  we climbed 330 steps to the top, which honestly sucked.  But that’s ok because the view from the top was unreal!



This was followed by meeting up with the class for the batorama tour which led us up and down the river, introducing awesome buildings in old town, as well as the European Parliament building from before.


After this was another famous gelato place and a cookie store recommended by professor Peter Jaskiewicz.  Much sugar was purchased (not scheduled to make it back to Canada)


Dinner was at the Au pont Saint Martin 15- rue de Martin where we had famous dishes from the region: tarte flambee (not to be mistaken with pizza), escargot, and monsieur Froggie.  (I felt horrible about eating him.  But seriously, tastes like chicken)



If you’re ever In the area you should absolutely visit the town, or maybe just take the whole European Family Business tour of 2014.  It was an unforgettable experience planned by Peter Jaskiewicz filled with new friends, new experiences and amazing things learned!


Text by Michelle Chin

Pictures Supplied by Zubair Akthar

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