May 9th – Curitiba

Another packed and exciting day in Curitiba.  We enjoyed the rare opportunity to tour the Reneault factory outside if Curitiba.  They were wonderful hosts and by van toured us through the assembly plant of their new vehicle.  We saw robots stamping sheet metal into side panels and hoods and watched cars being inspected in the finishing station. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Reneault helps mothers and children in a poverty area by creating sewing work for the mothers and feeding 120 children everyday.  We had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at their Cantina with the children, who sang a welcome song to us. We supported their cause by buying reusable bags and lunch.  What a rich and heartwarming experience!Image

We then visited HSBC’s largest bank in Curitiba. Each year they hold a festival of children singing in their windows and is watched by over 200,000  people in the square.  we concluded the day with a visit to the Universidade Federal de Parana, the oldest University in the state of Parana. 

We concluded the day with a dinner at a “Churrascaria Rodizio”, an all you can eat meat restaurant. We said goodbye to our great host Marcelo Reis with a gift from all the students.Image


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