Day 2 -Curitiba

We had a fantastic day in Curitiba.  Started with a visit to IPPUC, the Institute of Urban Planning for the Municipality of Curitiba.  We saw a great presentation on their master plan, showing how they have revised it by creating a new transportation corridor that will accommodate growth.  As they suggest, build the infrastructure and the people will come.  We learned about their amazing transportation model, something we could learn from in Canada. This was followed with a city tour on an open air double decker bus.  Everyone got a little wind and sun “kissed”.

We finished the day at ISAE/FGV with a lecture by Professor Marcelo Reis on Concepts and Principles as part of their “perspectivacao” (perspective in action), based on the principles of the United Nations for Global Compact, PRME and Sustainable Development. From this overview, students were tasked with identifying one innovative idea to sustainable development.  At the end of the session all students were presented with a Certificate of Completion for the Principles and Concepts Workshop.  We then had a coffee reception with current MBA students at FGV.  It was a full, action packed and rewarding day in Curitiba.

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