May 6th, MBA China Study Tour 2013

Goodbye jet lag!!! Today, we are all wide awake and fully energized.

The first thing on today’s agenda was a visit to the Chinese Academy of Governance.China Study Tour
Professor Ren treated our group with an in depth look into China’s political system, government structure and administrative reform. The lecture was very informative & educational and allowed us all to gain a better understanding of how China’s political system has evolved over its history.

It was interesting to hear about China’s government structure and compare how it differs from our Canadian government.

In the afternoon, we continued our tourist adventures and headed to The Summer Palace

China Study Tour 2013 043China Study Tour 2013 041

The views were spectacular, tranquil and relaxing

Next up, students were given another opportunity to practice their MBA learned bargaining and negotiation skills at the markets. Nothing is more exhilarating than bargaining down a “Louis Vuitton” handbag from an initial asking price of $2000RMB down to a final sale price of $150RMB…for two!!

This evening activities included an amazing acrobatic show. Wow!

China Study Tour 2013 054

The death defying stunts performed had everyone’s heart beating a mile a minute. There are few things more impressive than seeing a Chinese contortionist bend in ways the human body was not meant to bend. You have to see it to believe it. Absolutely incredible! Bring on Day 4!!

This blog was submitted to me for posting by Shirley Kwan

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