A Whole New World…

Day 1 – Arrival in Munich, Germany

11 hours and 30 minutes on a plane lead us to a whole new world.  The flight included free wine and very little sleep for most of us.  The excitement for arrival in Munich was building.  Arrival at the most progressive airport in Europe was followed by a ride on their version of the LRT (Munich S-Bahn) with a full complement of luggage (courtesy of the girls).

Upon checking into the hotel we encountered two single beds side by side, showers with no wiggle room, and an experience that is purely European.  Off we marched like zombies to see the glockenspiel, the market place and the english gardens (which surprisingly included surfing).  The day concluded with a meal at a unique restaurant experience called Vapiano.

P1000237 - Edited



Day 2 – Salzburg, Austria

A scenic bus ride to Salzburg lead to a city engulfed in beauty and culture.  The history component started with a viewing of Mozart’s birthplace and grew to a full on tour of the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which was constructed during the 1100’s.  Many students purchased the famous chocolate “Mozart balls” and tasted the pretzels and white sausage Austria offered.

Following our adventure in Salzburg, we were provided with a private tour from the owner of the Schloss Eggenberg beer brewery in Austria.  The location was originally constructed as a castle in the 12th century and the brewery has been a family owned business since 1803.  The tour concluded with beer tasting in their reception room and discussion about the history and key success factors of the family business.  Following this we experienced a bus ride back to Munich in which we were subjected to a movie chosen by our German bus driver (Mama Mia – a musical based on the music of ABBA).

The use of technology in Germany is unparalleled in North America.  Buses have GPS systems displaying up to date route information, the Autobahn has monitors for rate of traffic and the train system is extensive to say the least, with tracks that take passengers to every area imaginable.

Day 3 summary coming soon…

From time to time, the Autobahn does have a speed limit:SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES



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